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Optical characterizations

Optical transmittance, reflectance, diffusion
Photoluminescence spectroscopy (PL)

Optical transmittance, reflectance, diffusion

Optical transparency and band gap estimation is an essential study for Gallium Oxide thin films.  GEMaC has Perkin Elmer LAMBDA 950 2-ways spectrophotometer, that is equipped with modules for transmission, reflection or diffusion, for the measurements of the transmittance and the reflectance in 200 – 3300 nm wavelength range and 10 – 770 K temperature interval.

Photoluminescence spectroscopy (PL):

For point defect identification study along with electrical characterization, PL spectroscopy measurement are very important. GEMaC has a home-built photoluminescence set-up, with broad wavelength range: 266 – 1000 nm of excitation and 10 – 430 K temperature range.