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Electrical Transport properties

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Electrical transport properties abstract

Our objective will be to understand the electrical conductivity mechanism. Electrical properties must be tenable to allow the use of Ga2O3 alternately as both as semi- insulating layer and a conducting layer in the device.

-We are studding electrical contacts(Ohmic and Schottky) particularly for p-type gallium Oxide.


We perform detailed electrical measurements in order to elucidate the mechanisms of conductivity in Ga2O3 (dopant energy levels, majority carrier type, densities of free carriers, mobility, magnetoresistance).

Seebeck Effect measurements

Home built set up adapted to highly resistive materials in 20-300C temperature range.

Home built High temperature high impedance measurements

Over the years, GEMaC has developed sophisticated home-built instrumentations for studying electronic properties of “extreme highly resistive materials”: resistivity, Hall Effect, magneto-transport, and photoconductivity in temperature range 2K to 850K can be explored with 0-9T applied magnetic field.



Conventional PPMS allows to measure samples with a resistance up to R = 1 Ω. This limitation precludes low temperature studies of thin layers of many oxides as well as semi-conductor diamond. In GEMaC, we have developed a special option (both hardware and software) that we call “Tornado”. It allows us to perform resistivity and Hall measurements in Van der Pauw configuration, for samples that have a resistivity up to R=1e+10 Ω.