GOPOWER / GALLIA research consortium - Highlight

Giant Bulk Photovoltaic Effect in Solar Cell Architectures

The use of ultra-wide bandgap transparent conducting beta gallium oxide (b-Ga2O3) thin films as electrodes in ferroelectric solar cells is reported. In a new material structure for energy applications, we report a solar cell structure (a light absorber sandwiched in between two electrodes – one of them -transparent) which is not constrained by the ShockleyeQueisser limit for open-circuit voltage (Voc) under typical indoor light. The solar blindness of the electrode enables a record-breaking bulk photovoltaic effect (BPE) with white light illumination (general use indoor light). This work opens up the perspective of ferroelectric photovoltaics which are not subject to the Shockley-Queisser limit by bringing into scene solar-blind conducting oxides.